Friday, June 15, 2007


What is a friend? Someone to rely on? The one person who can tell you that that outfit looks silly on you, but makes you laugh while they are saying it? Do they tell you that you are wrong because they love you or do they just let you make you own mistakes for the same reason?

I have never really thought that I had a great number of friends. But as I spent the afternoon and evening with what I would consider to be a new friend, I find myself reminiscing over the people who have passed in and out of my life. Will this new one be long or short term? Would knowing make any difference?

I truly have been blessed with so many friends in my life. Some I haven't seen in over a decade, but I think about them often. The ones that helped to get me through those gut wrenching high school and college years. Or the friends that I have grown to love that live so far away now. I miss you. You know who you are. Spanning age groups, they have been like salt and pepper making life much more palatable.

To all of the souls that have touched my life over the years, I say, "Thank you." Some of you have brought more grief than others, but I am grateful you were there to shape who I am today. Those of you with whom I am in contact... know that I love and cherish your friendship every day.

Take time to think about the people who might not be very close, but who have touched your life in some way. And remember to...

Keep it in perspective.


Chelf said...

A friend knows who you are, and loves you anyway.

A friend tells you when you have food in your teeth, but only after you have talked to the cute guy at the bar.

A friend gives you a hug when you need one, and slaps you upside the head when you do something stupid.

A friend will open her dirty house for you, but only if you swear not to divulge that detail.

Friends are always around when you need help, a good laugh, or a shoulder to cry on. The best of friends are still around long enough to help bury the bodies.

From one Friend to another!

Jeff and Sendy said...

Lis, you need to check out She's got an awesome blog about sensory times with her kids. I think you will enjoy reading this one.
I love you!